Vedic Astrology

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A practical guide to the very foundations of astrology that unveils the mysteries of this millennial science. Illustrated with the astral charts of numerous stars and other celebrities, it is specifically designed to guide you through the interpretation of your own Vedic birth chart, which will be provided to you at no charge upon request. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

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Astrology is one of the most important branches of Vedic culture. Its strength lies in its ability to yield immediate knowledge of oneself on all levels. Here Andrée Leclerc introduces the reader to the various components of a horoscope—the Ascendant, signs of the zodiac, planets, houses, and constellations—and clearly explains their respective influences. She then presents a systematic approach to the interpretation of these interacting factors, and gives many examples of charts, including the step by step analysis of a mystery celebrity. In order to take full advantage of this wealth of information, readers are invited to get their own free natal chart from the author.

Excerpt from the preface

by Robert Koch, Vedic astrologer
author of The Spiritual Dimensions of Vedic Astrology

The Vedic astrological community welcomes this ground-breaking work of Andrée Leclerc, not only due to her thorough knowledge of practical Vedic astrology, but also due to her lifelong dedication to the Vedic way of life. The concepts of free will and destiny will thus emerge from these pages as not only philosophies, but organic realities that can be observed and replicated through Vedic astrology.🕉

Vedic Astrology

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