An Ageless Dialogue

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A brilliant summary of Bhagavad-gita, Vedic literature’s classic par excellence. Faithful to the spirit of the text, it covers Krishna’s essential teachings in a convivial format enriched with elaborate comments. A must-read to familiarize oneself with this ageless dialogue.

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Who would have thought that the most sublime of teachings could ever be delivered on a battlefield? It is nonetheless the case. Krishna has indeed descended to earth some 5,000 years ago to instruct His friend and disciple, Arjuna, in the highest form of knowledge just as an historical and unprecedented war was about to break out.

As a matter of fact, life itself is an endless battle, and Krishna’s answers to Arjuna’s questions are no doubt as relevant to us as they were to the young prince. The laws of nature, the workings of karma, action and renunciation, the transmigration of the soul, the various forms of yoga, life after death, the spiritual world… So many secrets to learn of, and from the very mouth of the supreme Master!

Based on the famous Bhagavad-gita, this work is not just yet another translation of the great classic, but, rather, a lively synthesis of Krishna’s dialogue with His friend and disciple, Arjuna. Through selected verses, insightful quotes, and vivid explanations, the reader will readily appreciate the sustained relevance of Arjuna’s questions about the meaning of life and benefit from Krishna’s enlightened answers. An Ageless Dialogue is a long-awaited modern and authoritative rendition of the timeless message of the Gita, aimed at students and lay readers eager to learn about the very foundation of the Vedic approach to self-fulfilment.

Excerpt from the preface

by His Holiness Bhaktimarga Swami – “The Walking Monk”

In An Ageless Dialogue, sincere seekers of universal truths now have a faithful and vivid retelling of what is perhaps one of the most profound dialogues of all time. Graciously presented by Pierre Corbeil,  it simply and clearly opens the door to a wealth of self-knowledge as spoken by Krishna Himself.

In this book, the author echoes the message delivered by Krishna at the outset of a great fratricidal war, when emotion—not reason—was running high. Krishna taught His dear friend about dharma and karma, which respectively address our personal sense of duty and the actions that affect our future. He also shared his wisdom on the subject of transcendence and how to exist in the world without being ensnared by it, drawing the analogy of being like a lotus flower: be immersed in the water but don’t get wet!

Enjoy the revelation of clarity, freshness of thought, and innate truth this book delivers. Because, besides all His divine multi-tasking, what Krishna had truly set out to do was simply to reveal to us what we already know but have forgotten. When you realize this, you just may end up loving Him.🕉

An Ageless Dialogue

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